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Equal Web Design & Print

Equal Web Design & Print


EQUAL WEB DESIGN & PRINT specialise in web design, Seo, Print Work, Social Networking experts, Mobile Web, HTML5, CSS3, User Experience & Interface, on and offline marketing, Blogs, and Web Development of most flavours!
Servicing Preston and 
surrounding areas of Lancashire, that’s not to say were limited by geographical location, we have worked with clients as far afield as Seattle, Portugal, Spain etc. So if you need help with your online presence get in touch we would be more than happy to assist wherever possible.


If it’s not listed here then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask, the more you work with us the more you will realise what you once thought was out of your reach is well within it, and we can deliver on schedule and on budget!

All the services we provide are bespoke so without meeting our potential client it is difficult to put a hard and fast price list out there, but we are currently working on putting ‘standard packages together’ at the moment.We have put a rough guide on the pricing page but guaranteed once we’ve had our initial conversation something will be available that just fits the bill for your business requirements which may change the quotation, rest assured all work undertaken shall and should be documented so that you as the client has peace of mind and is totally clear on cost and for our records we know exactly what to expect from each other.

There will be a guide to the cost of getting your business online remember any and ALL of our modules are available as a bundle or as single products you are not tied to any particular package, the best part of all is that all EQUAL WEB DESIGN & PRINT sites are tablet/mobile friendly! #AsStandard.

Maxam training

This was such an excellent recommendation from linked-in I thought it deserved front-page status!

Thanks to Graham Lancaster : Company Director and Head of Centre Maxam Training Ltd.

“Matt was recommended to me by another local business owner who, like me, relies heavily on their website design to draw in clients. Matt has many years’ experience as a website designer and manager.

“His graphic design background as well as an obvious expertise in IT, web design and e-marketing is evident
by the quality of his work and an ability to quickly solve problems whilst minimising any disruption to other areas of business. In addition to all this, Matt offers exceptional value for money and never lets you down when you need some quick time advice.

“I would recommend him without reservation.”

Service Category: Graphic/Web Designer

Long term client/service provider relationship

Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative.

Mid to late 2012 both Graham and myself had decided the Maxam Training website which includes a distance learning module, was ready for a refresh and a new look! This site was originally built around 3 or 4 years ago so “it was ready for it” here’s a screenshot of how the site looks today, still with a few small tweaks to finish up but it’s almost there and I’m sure you’ll agree its a big step forward for Maxam and Equal alike! 

Thank You for your continued business and support, as valued partners and friends! 


It’s a learning curve and with the web evolving so quickly your company needs to be more proactive and less reactive to keep ahead of the game. Personally I can’t help it at any chance I crank up Adobe’s creative suite and start messing around with different and new concepts that not only can we use in our own branding, (and rebranding) the techniques used are almost always carried through to at least one customer site so everybody benefits from me being a self confessed design/internet junkie!

Equal Company logo

Keep an eye out here for new ways to get the message across to your client base things such as geotagging, insights on social media as these tools are making the job of a web developer easier and more important to the end client to supply them with the information and leads they need so much for their businesses to survive this ever-changing and morphing internet landscape. Logo design is one of the first skills we developed online, coupled with learning the Adobe creative suite inside out has armed us with the technical skills we possess today which helps us re-brand well-known companies.

So for now I’ll not check into internet rehab just yet as it’s a benefit for myself and more importantly my clients! :) I quite like this custom WordPress it may be around a while when I have the typography sorted out!(This is a work in progress when I settle on one I’m sure you’ll know as it will be probably, in your face a little) As Google like all things fresh and up to date we will still change around a theme for the foreseeable future! We have rebranded and relaunched dozens of companies over the years not one has looked back and regretted refreshing their corporate identity!



Even if your business is just a dream at the moment you may realise it is a lot closer to reality than you think! EQUAL WEB DESIGN AND PRINT was founded because in my former position I became tired of hearing how “good friends were getting tied into long and expensive contracts with huge upfront fee’s.” ( and the webs they had were Basic to say the least!! You can rest assured that with Equal Design and Print, the price you pay is the price  ‘AGREED BEFORE HAND’ which is why  we like to operate on a project by project basis, and is priced so that everything is totally transparent.

Guaranteed there will be no nasty surprises round the corner, and you won’t be contracted with ridiculous buyout clauses. Or a combination of services with a structured plan and timescale with measurable statistics sent to the client on a monthly basis (or more frequently if required) this enables us to have the insight on why or why not we are experiencing the best engagement possible with your clients.
In our design and management skill set we have the ability to carry out all of the following tasks & much more – Call EQUAL WEB DESIGN & PRINT ON +44(0)7939048089 OR PRESTON 01772 875452 today!

We could be your key to a whole new online marketplace!

  • Design your company Image/Logo
  • Design & produce your company stationery
  • Design & Produce your company vehicle graphics
  • Design & Produce your company website
  • Design & Produce & Maintain your companies social image.
  • Host your company website
  • Purchase your company domain name
  • We like to do SEO the organic way but if you require PPC management (We can if required)
  • Manage your company’s online presence, SEO etc Management of your company data.
  • Photography if needed to market your company. (on appointment)

EQUAL WEB DESIGN & PRINT and Responsive Web Design (RWD)

We realise mobile web and responsive Web Design are quite confusing for the occasional browser of the internet. So here it is in a simple breakdown The site to the right (gratuitous self promo) The 1st and largest image in the background is my 27” screen filled with only the website ignore all the tabs! Next on the same screen I’ve just dragged it around to be quite small (probably tablet sized. Notice everything comes in to the centre together it stays symmetrical all the way Lastly still on the same 27” screen I’ve dragged the window down to mobile phone size! Still very useable everything drops inline the graphics are stripped a little. and there’s a green button appeared in the bottom right corner. the user simply hits that, and they are calling you the browser simply thinks its on a mobile device because of the screen resolution! …That’s responsive. A mobile site is built solely for mobiles it is a completely separate site developed at VERY inflated prices!!

  • Web Design: We operate on a 50/50 principle 50% upfront 50% on ‘go live’ of your website.

  • Print: Print Design is 100% up front as you will find with all print service websites.

  • Bespoke Projects and E-commerce: To be agreed after the project has been inspected by Equal Design.


EQUAL WEB DESIGN & PRINT  are also experienced PC Repair Technicians so if you have a network problem or trouble setting up your new machine we would be happy to help at a very reasonable hourly rate (some networking is ‘set price’ we will advise you on the cheapest option) we also operate a “no fix no fee” policy.

Equal Design and Print Preston are based in Leyland, we have however worked with clients from USA (Currently) Portugal, and Canada, Australia, who knows where next? With the power of today’s internet the boundaries of geographical location are dwindling away as we all become more connected faster than ever before, this truly is a digital revolution!

 The internet era is ever evolving and changing the way people engage with business also the way business engages with potential customers Equal Design and Print recognise this as an invaluable opportunity, to engage with more clients than ever before, this is a VERY mutually beneficial arrangement, if it costs you  £20 per month and that £20 generates £10,000 worth of leads, then surely its a no brainer? 

The UK also carries out far more retail online than any other major economy. Some 13.5% of all purchases were done over the internet in 2010, according to BCG, and this is projected to rise to 23% by 2016. Last year 12%  of web purchases were made via mobile devices which is also set to grow massively, this is why it is essential to place your business firmly in the web arena or risk losing a large percentage of sales to the internet. Which is a good enough reason alone to research where your area of the web is, no matter how Niche’ you think the product or service you sell or provide is! In fact that would work in your advantage online, as you have a worldwide audience to capture.

EQUAL WEB DESIGN & PRINT  websites come fully responsive as standard!

A lot of service providers and smaller companies are reluctant to “get Online” as they are frightened by thoughts of paying a fortune to have their existing websites made ‘mobile friendly’ you choose EQUAL WEB DESIGN & PRINT Leyland as your developers you will have no need to worry about this as it is all part of the package. There are many projects EQUAL WEB DESIGN & PRINT love to get involved with, please feel free to contact us with any enquiries or feedback you may have by either emailing on the contact page or using any of our social networks, we would love to hear from you!!

Web Design, SEO, Branding or general marketing we also specialise in social networking i.e.. Twitter & FacebookLinked-in etc. We would be more than happy to get involved in any exciting new projects you may have web or print! We even get involved in clothing, merchandise branding and any other medium that will get your brand name out there!

“We’re excited and passionate about the web if you are’ you should to speak to

EQUAL WEB DESIGN & PRINT. If you are thinking of getting online!”